Aphasia Workbook Foods - Book 1: Everyday Foods (Volume 4) by Florence Jones

Aphasia Workbook Foods - Book 1: Everyday Foods (Volume 4)

Book Title: Aphasia Workbook Foods - Book 1: Everyday Foods (Volume 4)

Publisher: Bright Eyes Books

ISBN: 0967750687

Author: Florence Jones

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Florence Jones with Aphasia Workbook Foods - Book 1: Everyday Foods (Volume 4)

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This book is the first book in the Foods series that was created for my father who has Aphasia. While working with my father on his Speech Therapy homework I realized how difficult it was for him to identify the hand drawn black and white pictures that were presented to him on his work sheets. I tried workbooks made for children however these seemed to insult his intelligence. I also tried computer based speech therapy applications, which were only available when he had access to a computer. He seemed to progress faster when he worked one on one with another human being. I remembered the doctor in the beginning telling me to make every visit a productive visit. Having a tangible book that he can take with him and anyone can pick up and use added consistency throughout his recovery. Each page of this Aphasia Workbook includes photographs of different foods common to every day living. Also on each page are three levels of difficulty. How you choose to use each page is up to you and your patient or loved one. As I worked with my father to help him regain his speech, reading and writing, I realized that his process was the same as for a child. First you learn to speak, then read, then write. There are different levels of Aphasia, one person may regain speaking very quickly another not so quickly. This book has been designed to help with an Aphasia patents recovery at his or her own pace.